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pax south techraptor top 10

Top 10 Games at PAX South 2018

Tackling a convention as a one-man show is never ideal. There are always too many games to see and not enough time to see them. While I can only apologize…

E3 Open to the Public

ESA to Sell 15,000 E3 Tickets to the Public

The Entertainment Software Association announced that the public will be able to attend this year’s E3 Expo–for the first time ever–by buying a ticket. Purchasers will be able to attend…

Pax Australia

PAX Australia 2015 Wrap-up

So PAX Australia has come and gone, and as I lie in my bed, nursing my sore feet, I thought a short wrap-up article was in order. This isn’t a…

Pax Australia

Looking Forward to PAX Australia 2015

PAX Aus is right around the corner, and I know the question on everybody’s mind. Australia has things besides spiders, snakes and dropbears? Rude. Yes we do, and I am…

gencon indy

GenCon Growth Continues at Explosive Rate

We just spent four days in Indianapolis playing games, talking with developers, and recording over 45 videos. It was an extreme pleasure to get to make it out to GenCon…

Gamers Rhapsody Logo 1

An Interview With Thomas Spargo, Founder of Gamer’s Rhapsody

This weekend, Gamer’s Rhapsody will hold it’s inaugural event – and I’ll be there! I had some questions about the convention, so I emailed the founder of the event to…