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consortium the tower

Consortium: the Tower Reaches Funding Goal

While Consortium: The Tower wasn’t able to reach its goal on Kickstarter and thus had to relaunch on FIG, it appears that for the IDGI team the second shot is yet…

consortium the tower

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Consortium: The Tower

While IDGI Games may have failed to get Consortium: The Tower funded in their first go on Kickstarter, that isn’t stopping them. Much like how the original Consortium failed in its first run…

consortium the tower

Consortium: The Tower Going to FIG

As their Kickstarter failed, Interdimensional Games revealed that they had a plan to help the crowdfunding project continue and today, it has published what that plan is online. Staying away…

consortium the tower

Consortium: The Tower Has a Radical Plan

It seems the lure of a sequel to an intriguing first-person action RPG in the vein of Deus Ex, and the continuation of a planned trilogy was not quite as enticing…

consortium the tower

Consortium: The Tower Kickstarter Reaches Halfway Mark

Consortium was a first-person shooter RPG released in early 2014 that uploaded the player into the brain of a security officer on-board a ship. Faced with a crippling lack of…

consortium banner

Consortium Sequel Hits Kickstarter in January

Released in January 2014, Consortium was a first-person single-player shooter/RPG which involved a lot of walking about on a futuristic aircraft manned by a multi-national crew, managing interpersonal relationships, and…