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20% Of New PS4s Sold Are PS4 Pros; Over 1M PSVR Sold

According to a TIME magazine interview with Sony’s global game development boss, Shawn Layden, every one-in-five PS4s sold at the moment is a PS4 Pro. While Sony might not have released…

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Playstation E3 Experience Coming Back To Cinemas

Sony have announced that their PlayStation E3 presentation will be broadcast to over 85 cinemas across the US and Canada. The full list of cinemas can be found on the…


PlayStation 3 Production Ending Soon

Everything comes to an end, and that’s even true for the PlayStation 3. The last man standing out of the major three contenders in the seventh console generation, production of…

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Valve Talks Console Games and Paying Modders

At a recent press event at the Valve headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, Valve founder Gabe Newell talked about their stance on console gaming. This is interesting because Valve hasn’t really released…


Raptr ditching console support to focus on PC

In another sign that PC gaming is NOT dead, the social media platform and games tracking site Raptr is shuttering its console support in favor of focusing on its PC…