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Absolver Review Header

Absolver Review – To Know Your Enemy … And Yourself

When you go into a fighting game, you expect your character to have a predefined list of moves. It’s just a matter of taking time to memorize them and making…

team fortress 2 matchmaking1

Better late then never: Team Fortress 2 Competitive Beta Sign-Ups Opened

Via a Valve employee on the Team Fortress 2 subreddit, it looks like Valve is ready to take the competitive Team Fortress 2 scene seriously, as they said they would…

cloud9 lcs cover

Meteos Steps Down As Jungler from Cloud9

Cloud9 has been struggling this summer split of the League Championship Series, currently only managed a 3-7 record, the lowest in the teams history at this point in the season.…

nintendo world championships cover

Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers Held in San Francisco

This weekend Nintendo held the qualifying rounds for their Nintendo World Championship in cities across the United States. The qualifiers tested any participants willing to line up to compete, requiring…