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Copyright Law

Court Orders Cloudflare to Name “Pirate” Website Operators

A New York federal court judge has ordered Cloudflare to identify the operators of two websites alleged to be hosting pirated content as reported by TorrentFreak. Cloudflare is a U.S.…

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CloudFlare Sued For Doing Business With Pirate Sites

CloudFlare is a major CDN provider, well-known for its security features, including protection from DDOS attacks. However, the company has increasingly come under fire from rights holders for providing its…

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Report: Companies Implement Systems to Remove Extremist Videos

Reuters reports that Google and Facebook have quietly begun using automated systems to take down extremist videos. The systems are similar to Google’s Content ID system to take down copyright…

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CloudFlare Launches Domain Registrar to Prevent Website Hijacking

CloudFlare recently announced that the company will be launching its own domain registrar this Wednesday. The main goal of CloudFlare’s registrar is to prevent the hijack of domains, either by…

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Universal SSL coming to all CloudFlare users

CloudFlare customers were today greeted with the incredible news that the use of SSL would be coming to all current members as well as any new members that wish to…