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Google Drive

Google Drive Offering 2GB Of Additional Storage – For Free

Sometimes you simply forget something crucial or would like access to some key files when you’re away from home. Have you forgotten that flash drive with something vital for a…

storj cloud storage torrent

Storj Puts a Different Spin on Cloud Storage

If you’re at all familiar with the way torrents work, you’ll know that when a torrent is downloaded it begins to collect “pieces” of itself from other users through the internet.…

Dropbox Art

Dropbox bug trashes users’ files

Dropbox has confirmed that a bug with it’s Selective Sync feature has deleted some of its user’s files. The feature, which limits cloud syncing by downloading selected folders to a local server, has been…

skydrive lrg

Microsoft to change the name of SkyDrive to settle lawsuit

Microsoft has agreed to change their name of their SkyDrive cloud storage today to help settle their lawsuit with the British mega media group Sky Broadcasting.