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Jagged Alliance: Rage!

Jagged Alliance: Rage! Coming This Fall

Jagged Alliance was a classic turn-based tactical RPG from 1995. There was also a spin-off in 1996, Deadly Games, and Jagged Alliance 2 in 1999, followed by a long limbo for the franchise,…

Jagged Alliance: Rage!

Jagged Allliance: Rage!

Jagged Alliance: Rage! is the latest attempt to bring back the classic strategy franchise, this time published by HandyGames, a member of the THQ Nordic family. Jagged Alliance: Rage! takes place…

shadowrun chronicles featured image

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Just Released

Across many years and several different developers, the Shadowrun IP continues to receive love and attention. This time, it’s Cliffhanger Productions that brings us our latest cyberpunk fix, not to…