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hearthstone tournament

Hearthstone Championship Riddled With Technical and Organizational Issues

With eSports still in its infancy, it’s common for tournaments big and small to face significant issues especially in regards to organization. However, when they deal with significant cash prizes…

pokemon go space cover

Pokemon GO Creators Not A Fan of PokeRadar Tools

Pokemon GO has been out a few weeks now, and as with any wildly popular digital app there has been its fair share of knock offs popping up as well as…


Blizzard Sues Over Overwatch Cheat Watchover Tyrant

Blizzard Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against German-based Bossland GMBH over copyright infringement related the “Watchover Tyrant” Overwatch cheat as reported by TorrentFreak. Watchover Tyrant is marketed as an “ESP Advantage for Overwatch“. It…

team fortress 2 matchmaking1

Valve Begins Banning Over TF2 Hacks, Pros Caught

Valve has been striking back against cheaters in their landmark multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. The cheaters in question were using a very popular hack to the game, named LMAOBOX. The…


Pro Counter Strike players banned for cheating on eve of top tournament.

It has been reported in the last week that three top level CS:GO players have been banned by Valve’s anti cheat system. These players, have been identified as Simon Beck…