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The Hunt 14

The Hunt #14 (4/20/15): Westerns, Titans, and Fatalities. Also, Catgirls.

In this week on the Hunt, we hit some of the bigger titles that were released in the week, which is somewhat rare for The Hunt. Hey, even a raptor…

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The Charnel House Trilogy Review – Atmospheric Story Telling

I am deeply in love with 90’s point and click adventure style games. The fact that I gave¬†Grim Fandango: Remastered a great score despite it being bugged up the ass…

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The Charnel House Trilogy to be Released in April

The much talked about horror, point-and-click adventure series, The¬†Charnel House Trilogy, will be coming to Steam next month on April 16th. Not only have the gaming collective behind the project,…