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FBI to Increase Wiretapping, Snowden and Encryption Blamed for Paris Attacks

In the wake of the recent Paris attacks, the FBI is going to increase wiretaps on suspected ISIS sympathizers within the US. Agents told CNN that there are no known…

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie Humble Bundle supports Freedom of the Press Foundation

This week’s Humble Bundle keeps up with the current news and supports the Freedom of the Press Foundation following the terrorism which killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo, Paris. The…

Weekly Respawn FoE

The Weekly Respawn 012 – Freedom of Expression

Welcome to TechRaptor’s Weekly Respawn, a podcast dedicated to gaming and technology. Each week, we’ll respawn with a brand new cast to talk about relevant topics and products. This week, Travis Donnell…

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Intel Complete Layoffs In Costa Rica, Move Business to Vietnam

Last month, Intel finally finished its planned layoffs in Costa Rica hoping to move its workload to Vietnam QCostaRica reports. The layoffs which were announced last April were carried out…