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keyforge aoa deck box breakdown 1

KeyForge Age of Ascension Deck Box Unboxing – A Unique Breakdown

KeyForge’s first set, Call of the Archons (CotA) was released in November 2018. This was followed up recently with the second set Age of Ascension (AoA). We’ve already taken at…

labyrinth is shutting down steam

Labyrinth is Shutting Down for Good on Steam in September 2019

Free Range Games has announced that their turn-based RPG/collectible card game hybrid Labyrinth is shutting down in September of 2019. The game was in Steam Early Access since May of…

hearthstone card trolls

Hearthstone Card Changes Have Nothing to Do with China, Blizzard Says

The recent Hearthstone card changes which saw eight cards get new art (and in two cases, a completely different name) have nothing to do with Chinese censorship according to a statement from…

l5r lcg masters and warriors 1

L5R LCG Warriors of the Wind / Masters of the Court Preview

The Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game (L5R LCG) has added two more Clan Packs to the available card pool. Warriors of the Wind and Masters of the…

keyforge aoa

KeyForge AoA Cards to Look Out For

The second KeyForge set has been out for a few weeks and players are getting to grips with the cards available in the new set. If you’re interested in learning…

New Gwent: Novigrad Expansion Announced For June 28

New Gwent: Novigrad Expansion Announced For June 28

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game (Our Review) has been continually evolving since its final release last year in October, which also evolved from two grueling years in beta. Last March…

world of myths header

CCG World of Myths Released on Early Access

Recently, developer Rebellious Software launched their collectible card game (CCG) World of Myths onto Steam’s Early Access. The game features Greek, Norse, and Japanese mythologies at launch. Players pledge their loyalty…

keyforge age of ascension 1

KeyForge Age of Ascension 2-Player Starter Set Preview and Introduction

KeyForge releases its second set, KeyForge Age of Ascension this weekend. As part of Fantasy Flight Games’ Unique game brand, the second set opens up some interesting questions. We’ve already…

war of the spark chronicles

Magic: The Gathering Arena hosts exclusive War of the Spark Chronicles series

An exclusive event covering key moments in Magic: The Gathering history is coming to the arena.

warhammer age of sigmar savagery 1

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Savagery – The Blessings of Nurgle

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Savagery is the second expansion for PlayFusion’s CCG. Savagery brings in some new factions for the Grand Alliances with Nurgle, Sylvaneth, Arkhan’s Legion and The…

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