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Doomtrooper Battle Art

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Doomtrooper

Doomtrooper is an old collectible card game that’s been out of print for some time. The game did pretty well for a card game that didn’t end in “Oh!” or…

Saturday Morning Games

Play NYC 2017 – Saturday Morning Games

Tucked away at a simple table during Play NYC 2017 was a gentleman playing with a set of cards that looked somewhat like Cards Against Humanity. Upon closer inspection, I noticed…

EXCEED Season 2 Boxes

Crowdfunding Spotlight: EXCEED Season 2

Dueling card games have been around for a while, and while Magic: The Gathering may still be king, an awful lot of competitors have entered the fray. EXCEED had a successful Kickstarter in September…

Gruff Review

Gruff Review – Gathering of the Goats

Have you ever wanted to control a small army of hideously mutated goats and fight against equally horrifying shepherds? Well, if you want to fulfill that extremely odd and specific…

MonsterMonpiece header

Monster Monpiece Steam Beta Announced Ahead of PC Launch

Idea Factory International announced today that Monster Monpiece will be getting a Steam beta to test the game out on as many different system configurations as possible. This beta follows…

Banner A Celestial Shrine Visit

Valkyrie Crusade: A Celestial Shrine Visit

Nubee’s card battle game, Valkyrie Crusade, has released the line-ups for its New Years event: A Celestial Shrine Visit. The event brings back another iteration of the card Amaterasu, as well as…