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Cancelled Articles

Saints Row Undercover

Volition Releases Cancelled PSP Title “Saints Row: Undercover”

Its not often that a game developer releases their unfinished or cancelled titles for consumers, especially for free. But that’s exactly what Volition did in regards to a cancelled PSP…

Cancelled Avengers Game

More Info on the Cancelled Avengers Game From THQ

It has been known for some time now that a first-person Avengers game was in development before it was cancelled by THQ when they had serious financial troubles. It was…

Call of Doom

Rumor: Cancelled DOOM Reboot Revealed

The year was 2011. While the world at large was enjoying Portal 2 and Skyrim for the first time, the crew at iD Software were working hard on the next…

rsz 2kickstarter logo

Kickstarter, Money issues or bad planning?

Kickstarter, coined as a ‘crowd sourcing’ website, i.e. a group of people all put in X amount of money and communally fund a project something that may struggle to fund…