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Kingmaker 10th Anniversary

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Pathfinder: Kingmaker 10th Anniversary

Pathfinder has been an insanely successful and popular tabletop RPG since it was released back in 2009. These days it even rivals Dungeons & Dragons in it’s visibility, and has had more supplements…

Total War 15 Years Header

An Older Total War Game Is Going To Receive A New Campaign

Today, Creative Assembly has released an interview, which essentially unofficially/officially announced a new campaign expansion for “one of their older games”. The expansion for the older Total War title is said to…


Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign Trailer Emerges With Details On Initial Missions

Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s multiplayer has received all sorts of coverage from trailers aplenty to a public beta that’s contributed to widespread panic about the growing presence of microtransactions. However, the…

Tomb Of Annihilation Header

Tomb of Annihilation Board Game Review – Beer, Pretzels and a Death Curse

Castle Ravenloft, the first game released in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventure Board Game system, is the game that gets the most credit for bringing myself and my group…

Skull and Bones Header

Skull and Bones Campaign Won’t Be a Standalone Experience

Talking with Gamespot over the weekend, Skull and Bones creative director Justin Farren has gone into more details about the narrative content that was hinted at during the game’s E3 reveal. Describing the…

Left 4 Dead

Unfinished Left 4 Dead Campaign Available to Play

Turtle Rock Studios, the original development team behind the popular survival horror / first person shooter Left 4 Dead, has released files for a previously unseen campaign map. Titled “Dam…

Battle for Wesnoth logo

The Battle for Wesnoth Receives Major Update

The Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source game that has been in development for over a decade, and is easily one of best turn-based strategy games you can find on…

Pathfinder Header

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review – Co-op Excellence!

Build your deck! Roll dice! Fight monsters! Gain skills! Die permanently! Read the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game review!