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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Articles

Gearbox Bulletstorm G2A

G2A Responds To Gearbox’s Demands

Last week, prominent YouTuber TotalBiscuit was contacted by Gearbox Software after he said he would no longer be covering their games after they announced a partnership with G2A, an online…

Gearbox Bulletstorm G2A

Gearbox Withdrawing from G2A Partnership

Yesterday we reported on the demands Gearbox Software gave G2A that needed to be met if their partnership was to continue. You can read them in detail there, but they wanted…

Gearbox Bulletstorm G2A

[Updated] Gearbox Threatens to Pull Out of G2A Partnership for Bulletstorm; Gives Demands

UPDATE 4/7/17: Gearbox has followed through after G2A failed to meet their demands and is now in the process of pulling out of their partnership with G2A. Bulletstorm: Full Clip…

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition 20170401235104

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review – Killed a Dick

In 2011, a zany first person shooter with a focus on getting crazy kills for points was released to the masses. While Bulletstorm was well received, the game ultimately didn’t sell…

Bulletstorm full clip edition

Bulletstorm Remaster Won’t Be Free or Discounted For Current Owners

With the announcement of the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition remaster, you might be wondering if the remastered version will be given away freely to players who own the original game. Well, as…