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the textorcist

The Textorcist Mashes up Bullet Hell and Typing, Coming to Steam in February

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is an upcoming Steam release from developer MorbidWare and publisher Headup that mashes together bullet hell mechanics and typing. No, really. Demons are…

enter the gungeon

Dodge Roll Ceases Enter The Gungeon Development To Work On New Project

Developer Dodge Roll Games will cease work on bullet hell roguelike Enter the Gungeon to work on an entirely new project. In a post on the game’s subreddit, Dodge Roll confirmed that…

enter the gungeon

Enter the Gungeon

A roguelike all about shooting bullets, dodging bullets, talking bullets, guns, more guns, and some guns that could only exist in games.

legend of dark witch

The Legend of Dark Witch – A Game Well Shamed

The Legend of Dark Witch is a game that combines the frustrating designs in MegaMan and combines it with the infuriating genre of bullet hell. Which in my opinion, breaks the…