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Robocraft Infinity Header

E3 2017 – Robocraft: Infinity Hands On Impressions

You know what’s cool? Giant robots. You know what’s even cooler? Creating your own giant robots. This is the core thesis behind Robocraft, an incredibly popular free to play title developed by…

Hakoniwa Company Works 2017 05 02 17 014

Hakoniwa Company Works Base, Skills, Weapons and More Details

Nippon Ichi Software has released new information about their upcoming building RPG Hakoniwa Company Works at the game’s official website and translated over at Gematsu. Releasing this summer in Japan,…


Prepare for Titanfall in your house: K’Nex sets to hit this Fall

Start clearing room in the Nerd Dungeon… With the launch of the one of the most anticipated next-gen games for the Xbox One, K’Nex announced this week that they are…

Geforce Graphics Card

Nvidia rebuttals against AMD’s recent market takeover

Visit any builder’s forum last week, and you would have noticed an abundance of AMD GPUs, and rightly so really. AMD’s new Hawaii cards have turned the graphics card industry…