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intel cpu

Intel CPU Processor Design Flaw May Cause Up to 30% Performance Drop

Code red, or in this case, code blue. Earlier this week it was revealed that Intel processor chips dating back to the late 90’s have a “fundamental” design flaw, which…

WAM Twitter e1432218276938

Twitter Password Recovery Bug Exposes 10,000 Users’ Info

Twitter has not been having a great time lately, and things just seem to keep piling on. This time, Twitter has had to notify 10,000 users that their email addresses…

Steam Machine

Glitch on Steam market’s exchange rate forces Valve to shut down the system to fix it

Those of you that make often use of the Steam Market or the Steam trading system, probably noticed that both the systems went down earlier. The cause of that has…

gta v next gen

Cars in next gen GTA V feeling a bit sluggish? Take off your turbo *Update*

**UPDATE** The latest patch deployed only hours ago has seemed to fix the problem among many other issues! Next gen GTA V’s  launch hasn’t been the smoothest. Problems with online…