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ASCII Dungeon Crawler [email protected] is Coming to PC

Video game publisher Rising Star Games, makers of games like Deadly Premonition and Lumo, has announced today that they will be partnering with Stormcloud Games to bring their “popular and…

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[email protected] Review – Kicked my ASCII

The most upsetting moment I had in [email protected] was when my level seventeen mage fell off a cliff and died. I had lost my last resurrection item to a werewolf…

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Play 2016 Offers Upcoming PlayStation 4 Indie Games at a Discount

Every year Sony runs the Play program, which takes a handful of upcoming indie games, puts them on discount for preordering them, and rewards players who buy some. This year…

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E3 2016 – [email protected] Gameplay Impressions

As I wandered from long line to long line between the Xbox and Sony booths on the E3 show floor, a single indie station caught my eye. This was¬†[email protected], a…

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To The Green – [email protected]

ASCII dungeon crawlers are a strange pocket of gaming, even for those of us who live and breathe the hobby. Pure expressions of gameplay with graphics that serve only to…