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The Most ‘MURICAN Games for the Most ‘MURICAN Day

Happy Independence Day! Today is the day where the greatest country in the world (that would be the United States of America) beat up some other country that I forgot…


The Division and Rocket League Up to 40% Off in Weekend Summer Sale

Remember those batches of PC games Summer Sale we wrote about a few days ago? Well, the deals are continuing at GMG. If you’re in the market for a 2016…

Playstation Plus March 2016

Playstation Plus Games For March 2016

March is upon us and Sony has revealed the free games for Playstation Plus members this coming month. Broforce will be the first free game for Playstation 4 and was the…

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Broforce Review – Anything But Expendable

Broforce is a game that is rooted deep in the arcade shooters of the past. Contra, Commando, The Revenge of Shinobi, all of these games and more were made in…

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Broforce No Longer Missing in Action, Releasing on Oct. 15th

It’s been a long road for Broforce, the side scrolling co-op action game filled with characters who are legally different from your favorite 80s and 90s movie heroes. Everyone from…


PAX East 2015: Devolver Deluge

If Adult Swim Games is the current rock star publisher of the indie scene, Devolver Digital is the punk rock critical darling that they stole from. Displaying a devil-may-care attitude…