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RWBY: Combat Ready Developer Interview

For those who aren’t familiar with Rooster Teeth’s popular show RWBY, it’s basically about teenaged kids fighting terrifying fairy tale-esque monsters and oh yeah, the human antagonists who are bent…

Steve Jackson Games Gen Con 2017

Steve Jackson Games: Port Royal, Muertoons, & Kitties – Gen Con 2017

Every year at Gen Con, the Steve Jackson booth is packed with attendees trying to see what’s next from the coveted Munchkin’s developer. Of course, they were showing off the…

Kindgdom Death Pinups Fade

Gen Con 2016: Kingdom Death New Releases Unboxing

At Gen Con 2016, most of the Kingdom Death crew was on hand in their booth giving demos, interviews, and selling what few copies of the core game that they…

Shades of Tezla

Gen Con 2015: Mage Knight’s expansion, Shades of Tezla, Released

Mage Knight is a board game published by Wizkids that mixes some elements of deck building and RPG with the option for the players to play competitively, cooperatively or even solo. As…


Frog Factions: “Bullfrogs” releases soon

When one observes frogs sitting placidly on the pond, it seems a peaceful tableau. Little do we realize these tiny terrors dream of nothing less than conquest and the ruin…