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Gamesplanet Weekend And E3 Deals Announced – Fallout, Skyrim, And More

E3 is almost upon us. What are you doing to prepare? Are you battening down the hatches and buying up lots of tinned food? However you plan to engage with…

humble warhammer bundle

Humble Warhammer Bundle Announced – Dawn Of War, Vermintide And More

The newest Humble Bundle has been announced, and it’s great news for fans of Warhammer. The Humble Warhammer Bundle offers fans and newcomers alike the chance to grab several titles in the Warhammer series for…

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Blood Bowl 2 Review – It Will Leave You Wanting More

Ah, Blood Bowl, the classic ultra-violent sport set in the world of Warhammer. A bloody cross between rugby and football, Blood Bowl has had a devoted following among tabletop gamers…