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Blizzcon 2017 Articles

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Blizzcon 2017: Hearthstone To Get New Expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs

Hearthstone fans who were waiting for more content after the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion may not need to wait that much longer as Blizzard just announced Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Kobolds…

World of Warcraft Classic Servers

BlizzCon 2017: WoW Classic Servers Announced

Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft Classic servers would be arriving for their MMORPG title, World of Warcraft. This comes in the wake of Nostalrius, an extremely popular…

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BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch Gets New Hero, Map, and Animated Short

It’s the time of year again where Blizzard Entertainment hosts its own gaming convention to promote and market its small but significant roster of games. Overwatch players have a lot…

Overwatch World Cup 2017

The Overwatch World Cup 2017 Match Schedules Announced

The Overwatch World Cup is taking place today at Blizzcon 2017 as shown by the schedule released on the event’s official website. Much like other professional sports, the Overwatch World Cup…