BlizzCon 2016 Articles

world of warcraft legion

Here’s What’s Next for World of Warcraft

The recently released Legion expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s popular MMO World of Warcraft has been a wonderful return to form for aging game, and during this year’s Blizzcon, Blizzard’s yearly celebration of their IP…

diablo 3 necromancer

Blizzcon Reveals Necromancer Class, Diablo 1 Remade in Diablo 3

Fairly big news for Diablo fans came from Blizzcon’s opening ceremony this year. The first is that the original Diablo will be recreated in Diablo 3. Said to be a…


Sombra Hacks Her Way Into BlizzCon Keynote

As many had suspected at today’s BlizzCon 2016 keynote, a certain annoyingly illusive hacker code-named Sombra made an appearance. Her hacking into BlizzCon was accompanied with a new Overwatch animated…