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Didgery Heading

Didgery Review – Spiritual Solitare

Didgery is the definition of a casual puzzle game in many ways. It’s relatively simple, only has two gameplay modes, features no graphical flairs to speak of, and can be…

steam logo

Gaming Industry Reacts To Steam’s Review Overhaul

Earlier this week, Valve announced and implemented changes to their reviews system that were designed to combat developers propping up their games’ ratings with free key giveaways. This is the…

the incredible baron title

The Incredible Baron Review – A Pixelated Puzzler

I previewed the extremely well put together demo for The Incredible Baron just over a year ago after FlatRedBall Studios got their project successfully Kickstarted. Back then, I thought the…

dungeon souls interview

Exclusive Interview: Dungeon Souls Development Changes

Dungeon Souls, originally released by Mike Studios in July of 2015, has recently undergone a change in management that has the game being developed under a new (but former member…

header Raining Blobs

Raining Blobs Review – Cute and Quick Puzzle Fun

Good old fashioned arcade fun is what players will get when they play indie puzzler Raining Blobs. Match colorful circles as they rain down from the sky in developer Endi…