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SMITE 2nd anniversary e1458402304695

SMITE Celebrates its second birthday with a week long godly party

SMITE has been released for the first time on PC the 22th March of 2014. This means that next week marks the second anniversary¬†since the start of the neverending battle…

TechRaptor is 1

Celebrating 3 Years of TechRaptor!

TechRaptor was founded in March of 2013 with the purpose of creating a new site¬†for people to get their technology and gaming news, and thus far we’ve managed to build…


Dreamcast Turns 15

A look back at the last SEGA Console. [Editor’s Note: Sorry we missed the birthday, we were having a little website issue. Better later than never! JRM] On November 9th,…

TechRaptor is 1

TechRaptor is 1! Our year in review

Wow! it has been a crazy, fast, and exciting year for TechRaptor. March 18th, we started out as a blog dedicated to tech fixes, with a spattering of gaming and…