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Mass Effect Andromeda Cover

Mass Effect: Andromeda Single Player Getting No More Updates

BioWare has released a final statement regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, addressing longstanding rumors regarding the fate of the game’s single player. According to the statement, the last patch update, 1.10,…

Mass Effect Andromeda Cover

BioWare Montreal Merging with Motive Studios

BioWare Montreal, the development team behind Mass Effect: Andromeda, is merging with Motive Studios. The news was circulating for the past few days that Electronic Arts, the parent company of…

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BioWare Montreal Scaled Down, Mass Effect Shelved For Now

Following the recent release of Electronic Arts’ financials, sources close to the company have spoken up about BioWare’s future following the lukewarm reception to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. This news comes…