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Bioshock: The Collection Articles

bioshock anniversary 10 years

From the Seas to the Skies: A Look Back at BioShock 10 Years Later

The concept of utopia, despite its near universal appeal, is one that, upon closer examination, may ultimately be no more than a fantasy. Time and again, humans have proven to…

bioshock collection

Bioshock 1 & 2 PC Remasters Get Updated

The launch of the remastered Bioshock franchise was less than ideal for players on the PC, with the games suffering from a multitude of issues (some of which were also present in…

Bioshock The Collection Header

BioShock: The Collection has issues

It has not been a smooth launch for BioShock: The Collection, with many users reporting issues across all three platforms. On PC, there has been a lot of complaints of a…

Bioshock The Collection

Bioshock: The Collection PC Requirements Revealed

Nine years after we first crashed into Andrew Ryan’s objectivist’s paradise of Rapture, we’re almost ready to play through it again! Bioshock: The Collection is a bundle containing all the games in…

bioshock logo

Bioshock: The Collection Has Been Rated By The ESRB

We might still not have an official announcement from the developers and the publishers, but that doesn’t stop the Entertainment Software Rating Board from rating the upcoming Bioshock: The Collection. And…