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the council episode 5 checkmate review header

The Council Episode 5 Review – Stalemate

When I played through the first episode of The Council, way back in March, I found myself really interested in how this blend of narrative games and tabletop roleplaying elements…

the council episode 4 burned bridges review header

The Council Episode 4 Review – The Quest for the Holy Spear

As far as episodic series have gone, The Council has had a bit of a turbulent trip so far. I’ve never seen a series vary in quality as hard as…

the council episode 3 ripples review header

The Council Episode 3 Review – Twin Troubles

The first episode of The Council¬†surprised me when it came out. While it had some issues, the blending of RPG-styled stats into a classic Adventure game made for a winning…

the council episode 2 review header hide and seek

The Council Episode 2 Review – Hiding Too Much

You can get plenty of historical fiction in video games. Every famous historical figure seems to live a double life where they’re secretly responsible for a ton of weird things.…

the council mad ones review header

The Council Episode 1 Review – Momma’s Boy

I’ve always considered myself a fan of Telltale’s style of episodic gaming. Because of this, I go out of my way to play a good chunk of non-Telltale games in…

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Join George Washington And Others To Change History in The Council

Telltale Games isn’t the only company that can make episodic narrative games. While there have been successes¬†from Dontnod’s Life is Strange and Gaming Corps AB’s The Descendant, most people don’t…