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Video Game Releases for January 2018

With everyone still enjoying all the lovely games they got for Christmas, January has a few treats in store as the gaming cherry on top of December’s creamy roulade. Without…

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Go Ahead And Jump! – A Week With An Indie Game Subscription

Whenever I find myself parked on my couch browsing through Netflix’s staggering collection of original content, I can’t help but think about what a boon this model could be for…

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Beholder’s first DLC, Blissful Sleep, announced

The first moments after starting a new game in Beholder show a beat up man being dragged out of the building. His name is Hector and he was the landlord…

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Beholder Review – Keeping an Eye on You

1984 (the book, not the year) is one of those classics of modern literature that is often referenced outside of its original context. The dystopian society that Orwell described was…