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little witch academia

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Release Time Confusion Clarified

With the reported February 20th release date come and gone, fans are left wondering: where is Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time? Both Destructoid and Gematsu reported a late-February release window, with Gematsu…


Valkyrie: Drive Bhikkuni Coming to the West Uncensored by PQube

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni – the game portion of Marvelous Japan’s latest media franchise – will come to the west both physically and uncensored this year, thanks to publisher PQube Games.…

Dead Rising 4 thisgengaming

E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Impressions

I will always remember the first time I tried out Dead Rising. The Xbox 360 had an amazing string of unique franchises debut close to its launch, and Dead Rising was among…