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Battlerite Royale Released and Goes Free-to-Play

Today, Stunlock Studios announced that Battlerite Royale, a mix between a MOBO and a Battle Royale, is now out of Steam’s Early Access and fully released as a Free-to-Play title.…

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Battlerite Mass Giveaway – Deathstalker Scorpion Mount (500 Keys)

My friends, we’ve come to the last giveaway of 2017. Whether it was books or art prints, new indie games or old favorites, we’ve handed out a lot of fun…

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Unlock The Whole Roster In Our Battlerite “All Champions” Giveaway

After a timely holiday break, it’s time to return to the world of Battlerite! Why another giveaway so soon? It’s simple. Writing for TechRaptor means that you have a love…

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Battlerite Review – The Thick of the Battle

About a year ago, we gave our initial impressions of Battlerite, the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions from Stunlock Studios. While being rough around the edges, the game showed potential thanks…

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Unleash Ashka The Molten Fury in our Battlerite Launch Giveaway

It’s been a long road for Battlerite, but the top down hero brawler has finally launched out of Early Access and is Free to Play for all. To celebrate the occasion,…

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The Lord of the Swarm is Coming to Battlerite Tomorrow

‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the song goes. What better way to feel jolly than throwing fireballs and arrows at each other in a virtual arena? According to…



Battlerite is the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions. It’s an arena-based PvP brawler where the action is fast, skill is important and fast decision making matters.

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Battlerite’s Winter Update Coming Next Week With a New Champion

Battlerite, the PvP arena brawler from Stunlock Studios, just came out from a free weekend and they closed it with a blast. During the free weekend, Battlerite managed to put…

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“BattleRekt” Tournament Announced by Next Generation Esports

Battlerite development team Stunlock Studios has just announced in a press release that it will be partnering with Next Generation Esports to produce the “BattleRekt” tournament, which starts its preliminary…

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New Battlerite Update Bringing A New Champion

Battlerite, Stunlock Studios’ second chapter in the Bloodline Champions series (currently in Early Access), is receiving a new update, tomorrow November 10th. This update will add a few interesting things…