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Humble “WB Games Classics” Bundle Brings Cheap WB Games For Halloween

Today, Humble Bundle have released a “WB Classics Bundle”, where titles such as Scribblenauts Unlimited, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins, Bastion, Mad Max,…

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Far Cry Creative Director Leaves Ubisoft, Starts Typhoon Studios

The creative director for such titles as Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Spore and The Sims 2 has officially announced his resignation from the French developer and publisher. This news comes from a post on…

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[Rumor] Leak Reports Details of Batman: Arkham Insurgency

Those who thought that Batman: Arkham Knight was the end of a series might be proven wrong. Recently, information was leaked onto Reddit by someone who claims to be a…

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Return to Arkham: A Rocksteady Retrospective

There have been many Batman games throughout gaming history, from arcade cabinets to handhelds, PC to consoles. WB never seems to turn down the opportunity to cash in one of…

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Batman: Arkham Knight

The final game in the Batman Arkham trilogy, Batman must take down the Arkham Knight and save Gotham from Scarecrow’s plot.


Lowest Price Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X Returns at Bundle Stars

Now that they’ve (sort of) worked out the kinks in Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, the game is slightly more worth picking up for fans of the Arkham series. The base…


50% Off Rainbow Six: Siege Uplay Copies Till Next Monday

You won’t necessary need an Intel Core i7 processor to run Rocket League or any of the games in GMG’s new “Game with Intel® Core™ i7” sale. That said, Intel…


$9 Off No Man’s Sky, Everything Shadow of Mordor Only $6

No Man’s Sky is receiving its first ever discount post launch for the PC via Green Man Gaming this week. The Steam key at 15% off is a rare deal indeed, given how…

Steam Weekend Deals Ghostbusters Call of Duty Black OPs III Mordheim City of the Damned Batman Arkham Knight

Ghostbusters: The Video Game & Steam Weekend Deals

If you play games on PC there are quite a few good deals on Steam going on this weekend! Call of Duty: Black OPs III and Mordheim: City of the Damned are…

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Batman: Arkham Knight: GOTY Edition Leaked by Amazon Germany

Surprise, surprise, the Joker’s got a surprise for those Batman fans out there. Although PC players will not be happy with the surprise, because Batman: Arkham Knight is making its return…