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Aviary Attorney Articles

Aviary Attorney Review

Aviary Attorney Patch Adds Missing Ending, Game Now Complete

Sketchy Logic Games, the developer of the Phoenix Wright With Birds visual novel Aviary Attorney, has patched in the final chapter to the game after stirring up a bit of…

Aviary Attorney Review

Aviary Attorney Review – Birds of a Feather

A lesser reviewer would stick a literal featherton of bird jokes in a review such as this, but this reviewer would never do such a thing blatantly. Instead, let’s talk…

Aviary Attorney Review

Aviary Attorney and the Curious Case of the Missing Ending

If you like your court cases with a little less human, and a bit more fowl then you may have stumbled on the aptly-titled Aviary Attorney. The game transports you…

Mutant Gangland

Screenshot Survey: No Birdman’s Sky

Welcome back to the Mother’s Day edition of the Screenshot Survey, where tweets are discussed, pixels are praised, and hidden gems are discovered. Some of the most interesting projects that…