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WTF is Wrong with Video Games? Nothing.

While we often joke about what makes a “hardcore gamer,” I would argue that you don’t become a real gamer until you stumble across your first argument over whether video…

Dysfunctional Systems Bouchard by rtil

On Art and Failed Kickstarters – Interview with Ryan Miller

Today we have artist Ryan Miller (Known as rtil online) with us who is the artist for several games, but most recently was the lead artist on the failed Kickstarter project Dysfunctional…

Morrigan promotional artwork

Gaming as an Art Form – Bioware’s Impact

I have been gaming since I was a kid, and when I was a kid I never expected gaming to be seen by the world as an art form. However…

Final Fantasy X

Video games were already a mature art form

The fight for video games has raged for over a month now. It’s very heated at times, spiraling off into arguments about gender politics or cultural Marxism. And none of…