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Be The Bad Guy In Infectonator 3: Apocalypse, On Steam May 10th

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse will be launching on Steam May 10th, developer Toge Productions and publisher Armor Games Studios have confirmed. The arcade-slash-sim hybrid will be the first in the core Infectonator series to…


The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals provides a quirky action-packed escapade for players of all ages. Twas Wilton’s birthday when his Papa was abducted by the evil Mr. B. Not only did the…

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The Adventure Pals Review – A Happy-Go-Lucky Escapade

The Adventure Pals embarks with an optimistic boy accompanied by a giraffe and a whimsical pet rock. ‘Twas Wilton’s birthday when out of the blue, his Papa was abducted by…