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GOG Is Now Offering Refunds For Armello

Recently, there has been some controversy on Armello, which was explored in great detail in TechRaptor’s article. However, to summarize, the developers of Armello, League of Geeks, released DLC for their…


Armello Not Getting DLC On GOG Due to Being DRM-Free

Frequent customers of Steam competitor Good Old Games may want to think twice before purchasing Armello on their preferred storefront. Developer League of Geeks has renamed the game Armello DRM Free…

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Armello Review – The Crown Conspiracy

Armello is strange; it is a Kickstarted digital board game with a distinctive Redwall fairy ahem tail aesthetic—an intriguing combination that could have easily gone awry. The first thing that…

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Armello Preview – Beasts of Prey

Armello is doing its best to be of both worlds: an excellent video and board game. Recently, it has been released on the Early Access on Steam. How is it…