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arma3 dlc lawsofwar screenshot

Arma 3 Laws of War DLC Announced, Supporting Red Cross

The open world military tactical shooter Arma 3 is receiving new DLC with a twist, according to developer Bohemia Interactive. The Laws of War DLC trades in the military fatigues for…

Arma 3 Jets

Arma 3 Has Sold 3 Million Copies, New DLC Announced

Bohemia Interactive have announced that their military sim Arma 3 has managed to shift 3 million copies since its release in 2013. While this milestone along is cause enough for celebration, Bohemia…

Humble ARMA Bundle Preview Image

Humble ARMA Bundle Now Available On Humble Bundle

Today Humble Bundle has revealed their latest bundle the Humble ARMA Bundle featuring steam keys for all of the ARMA titles. Combined this bundles games are worth $125 with proceeds…


Recap: PC E3 2015

PC gaming finally has a press conference at E3. The PC Gaming Show began with a montage that included a horde of Stay Puft Marshmallow Men attacking you in Left…

arma3 dlc zeus1

Arma 3 Zeus DLC Gameplay Revealed

The Arma 3 Development team had an official livestream this Saturday that showed off the new features and tools introduced in the Zeus DLC. Announced this past Thursday by Bohemia Interactive, the…