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Ark Survival Evolved full release delayed

Ark: Survival Evolved Delayed Due To Consoles

Ark: Survival Evolved has had a rocky road to release, despite its popularity throughout early access. A legal dispute with Trendy Entertainment over their lead developer, controversy over splitting the game…

ARK Survival Evolved updates

ARK Devs Explain DLC Decision, and Discuss the Future

A post by Studio Wildcard on the Survive the ARK community forum has attempted to explain the reasoning behind the controversial move to release DLC for a game in Early Access, as well as…

Ark Scorched Earth Header

Ark Scorches Fans With $20 DLC; Still In Early Access

Early Access survival game Ark: Survival Evolved shocked fans today when they announced their first paid expansion, aptly titled Scorched Earth. This $20 expansion was released on both PC and Xbox One…