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Arena Articles

SkyFront VR

Skyfront VR Preview – Shooting In All Dimensions

Skyfront VR is an arena shooter developed by Levity Play. Described as a “zero-gravity” shooter by the developers, players have complete freedom of movement across the sky and around obstacles.…

Deformers Header

Arena Smash-Em-Up Deformers Releases in February

Today, Ready at Dawn announced the release date for their next title, the cartoonish, arena smash-em-up Deformers, which is about as different as you can get from their last title The Order:…

hearthstone blizzard dean ayala

Next Hearthstone Patch Will Remove a Number of Cards from Arena

The fine tuning needed to balance a game always has the potential to turn into an unending war, a constant struggle between company and consumer to keep game elements intact while at…

Drawn To Death

PS Experience: Drawn To Death Revealed

As the Playstation Experience Keynote Address drew to a close, one final announcement was yet to come, as David Jaffe took to the stage to reveal what his new studio,…


Britain to get eSport Arena

ESports are becoming more and more popular in the last few years with larger prize pools getting offered for various eSport games and the highest earning players having earned over…