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iPhone Low Batt

Battery Status could be Used to Track You Online

A web standard which lets site owners now the battery percentage of your battery apparently can track your mobile phone anywhere you go online. Not only that, but privacy researchers…


Google Prevails Against Oracle In Java API Lawsuit

On Thursday, Oracle was delivered a blow in its years-long litigation against Google’s use of Java in Android. A jury has determined that Google’s use of Java Application Programing Interfaces…


[Updated]OpenCritic Alleges MetaCritic is Copying Data From Them

Metacritic is the big aggregate review site for movies and games known by the world today, but there’s a competitor that has been launched within the last year that’s been…

Hearthstone Logo

Hearthstone API Could Be Right Around The Corner

Revealed in a recent forum post by a developer, the hit card game Hearthstone may have a whole new level of information coming to the general public. While the…

Oracle Logo

DOJ Sides with Oracle Against Google in Major Copyright Case

The Department of Justice recently filed an amicus brief advising the Supreme Court not to hear an appeal by Google in a major copyright case. The case originated when Oracle…