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Verizon to Acquire Yahoo’s Operating Business

Today, Verizon announced it would acquire Yahoo’s operating business for approximately $4.83 billion, although the amount that will be paid is subject to slight adjustments before the deal is closed.…

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From Rumor to Rebirth: Joystiq LIVES

Following in the wake of the AOL restructuring, AOL-owned blog consolidation and AOL-owned blog shutdown, it has now been confirmed that the rumors and then confirmed death of Joystiq were…

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Details Released Elaborate on AOL Cleanup/Closures

On January 27th, TechRaptor reported on the closure of the popular video game blog Joystiq as part of an effort by AOL to restructure its organization. Details were scant at…

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Amid AOL Clean Up, Gaming Site Joystiq May Get the Axe

It seems the years of sending out millions upon millions of AOL discs have not paid out for the multinational media company and its primary gaming blog, Joystiq. Joystiq was founded…