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Encryption Expert Proposes Backdoor Council to End Crypto Wars

David Chaum, an expert on encryption with more than 30 years of experience in the field, has a system he thinks will end the crypto wars between privacy advocates and…

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Hosts Deemed Liable for User Comments in Europe

The European Court of Human Rights decided recently that web hosts are responsible for any defamatory comments left on their sites, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reported. The case, Delfi AS v.…

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Twitter Now Forces Tor Users To Sign Up Using Phone Number

Twitter is starting to buckle down against online harassment by forcing people signing up for a new Twitter username using the Anonymous web browser TOR to give their phone number so…

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China to Crack Down on Internet Anonymity

A Chinese watchdog organization recently announced a new policy, which requires all its citizens to use their real names when registering for accounts online, including blogs and social media. This…