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Angry Birds Articles

Rovio Angry Birds

Angry Birds Developer Opens London Studio

Rovio, the developer behind the once omnipresent mobile game Angry Birds has released a press release announcing the opening of a new studio based in the English capital of London. The…

Angry birds movie

Angry Birds Movie Generates $150 Million Worldwide, #1 at Box Office

The original Angry Birds game launched back in 2009, and since then, the series has generated 3.3 billion app downloads. Now, six and a half years later, Rovio has released…

Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Action! Launches on iOS and Android

Angry Birds Action!, an Angry Birds game with pinball-style gameplay, has launched on iOS and Android according to IGN. Previous Angry Birds games were side-scrolling physics games similar to the classic Flash game Crush The Castle. Players…

Angry Birds Transformers Featured

Angry Birds Transformers announced by Rovio

Rovio is at it again, with an all new Angry Birds mobile game! The new game that was introduced today? Angry Birds Transformers, which brings the iconic Transformers universe into…

Mobile Vs Handheld 11

In Your Pocket Or In Your Bag: Mobile Or Handheld?

Today as I sit here I have 3 things next to me: my iPhone, my Nintendo 3DS XL, and my Playstation Vita. These are 3 things that go with me…