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Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review – The Grim Adventures of Donovan

Shovel Knight is an anomaly, even by today’s standards. Unlike so many before them, Yacht Club Games took disparate parts from the best side scrolling action platformers of the 8-bit…

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Gamefly and Amazon Team for Streaming Video Game Service

If anyone remembers Qwikster, I apologize for bringing up the name. If you’re like me, it may bring up memories of excitement followed by aggravation after learning that Netflix decided…

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Fibbage – Review

Fibbage: The Hilarous Bluffing Party game released on the 21st of August for the Xbox One and the Amazon Fire TV, it may be one of the best party games…

Valve Music Movies and TV Will Be Launched on SteamOS 417396 2

Steam may offer movies, music, and more

The digital games giant Steam may be looking at added functionality for its upcoming living room devices.