Amaterasu Articles

Okami HD DOTA 2 Courier

Capcom Adds Amaterasu Courier To Dota 2 Steam Workshop

Capcom has uploaded an interesting item to the Steam workshop – the main character from Okami HD has been submitted as the Amaterasu courier for Dota 2 as reported by PC Games N.…

SMITE Amaterasu e1452632005437

Amaterasu joins SMITE in new Patch 2.21

The day has finally come for SMITE to introduce a new pantheon in the game. As you will surely know by now, the Shinto pantheon will take its place in the…

Smite World Championship e1451475571352

The immediate future of SMITE, Paladins and Jetpack Fighter detailed in Hi-Rez’s keynote

The SMITE World Championship is coming to an end, with Epsilon and Enemy fighting each other in the grand finals at the time of writing in order to win the best…