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YouTube is Still Burning A Year Later

Approximately one year ago, I wrote an article regarding the many problems that YouTube was facing at the time.  It was a list that was born out of not only…

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Google Fined 2.42B Euros For Shopping Search Practices

Google has been hit with a 2.42B Euro fine for violating EU antitrust rules. The fine is rooted in charges that Google had unfairly given an advantage to its shopping…

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Google Tells Copyright Office 99.95% of Takedowns Are Non-Existent

99.95% of the copyright takedown notices received by Google are non-existent, according to Google. In a filing with the U.S. Copyright Office obtained by TorrentFreak, Google noted that there had…

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Revolv Home Automation System to be Deliberately Bricked, Customers May be Compensated

The home automation system known as the Revolv hub will no longer be supported, according to a post by Revolv’s founders. Normally, “no longer supported” means there will be no…