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Aftercharge Preview – Shocking Developments

One of the many unimportant thoughts that tumble around my head from time to time is how eSports should be a genre rather than a term referencing professional gaming. Even…

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YandereDev Teams Up With tinyBuild

The development process of Yandere Simulator has been a long one. Various test builds of the game have been available since work began in 2014 but the game remains in…

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MMO The Exiled Begins Localization Process Ahead of Final Alpha

German-based development team Fairytale Distillery has begun the localization process for their in-alpha title, The Exiled, localizing the game into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian and German. Led by Alexander…

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Raptor Giveaway – LawBreakers Alpha

Arena shooters are all about movement. They’re about knowing the map, finding power weapons, and staying one step ahead of whatever rocket projectile is barreling towards you. LawBreakers takes this rule…

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Fortnite’s playable alpha is here

Fortnite is Epic Games’ new cooperative 3rd Person Shooter. The main purpose of the game is to build your own base, complete with traps and defense systems, and then defend it…


Heroes of the Storm Invites Newbies to the Nexus

If you’re anything like me, you’re chomping at the bits for an invite to Blizzard’s new MOBA offering, Heroes of the Storm. And while invites are still hard to come…

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Evolve Kicks Off Closed Alpha October 30th

2K Games announced yesterday that Evlove’s ‘Big Alpha’ would be rolling out first on the Xbox One October 30th, with PlayStation 4 and PC alpha testing to begin October 31st. 


IMO: The Destiny Alpha

Like many other PS4 owners, I spent a good amount of time recently killing wizards from the moon. That’s right, I played the Destiny Alpha. Before the Alpha’s appearance, there…

Destiny Alpha FI

Destiny Alpha First Impressions – An incredible world that felt complete and amazing

Everyone know that when a game is in Alpha or Beta, that it isn’t finished yet, not ready for release. This past weekend’s Destiny Alpha, however, felt nothing like the…

Destiny Alpha Featured 1

Destiny Alpha survives, still available for “Dangerous Experiments”!

The Destiny Alpha, which started last Thursday and was supposed to run until Midnight PST/3 AM EST, has been extended – per Bungie! On the Bungie Twitter account, they tweeted…