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Alone in the Dark Illumination Update

Alone in the Dark: Illumination Gets An Update For Some Reason

Alone in the Dark Illumination was undoubtedly one of the worst games of 2015. The game’s review average is decidedly negative, with few positive or even mixed reviews. Atari doesn’t exactly have a…

Alone in the Dark Box art Header

Game Changers: Alone in the Dark

When talking about survival horror, it is important to note that the entire genre is very open-ended. Many tend to cite titles such as the original Resident Evil or Silent…

South Park The Stick of Truth of Justice

Steam Summer Sale 2015 (along with GOG!) – June 17th, 2015

Day 7 of the sales going on. I’m honestly trying to think of a good lead in here. Probably because I’m so exhausted from all the E3, TechRaptor, and my…