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allison road

Allison Road, The P.T. Spiritual Successor, is Revived

Allison Road has had a rocky path throughout its life so far. Starting with a Kickstarter campaign, it struggled to get the funding for Lilith LTD needed to make the…

allison road

Allison Road Developer Splits With Team17

Following our recent coverage of Allison Road’s cancellation, UK developer Lilith Ltd has now split with their publisher, Team17. In accordance to a Facebook post, it would seem that there…

Allison Road

The Curse of P.T. Continues: Allison Road Cancelled

The horror gaming community is probably used to disappointment now, as the cancellation of P.T. aka Silent Hills put a dagger in one of the most surprising demos of the last 10 years.…

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P.T Inspired Horror Game Now on Kickstarter

Allison Road, the narrative-driven survival horror game in the same vein as P.T., has now launched a Kickstarter.  Allison Road is a first person horror game made by a team…

allison road

An Exploratory Interview About the New Horror IP, Allison Road

Ever since the death of PT, survival horror fans have been pining for something to make their palms sweat, to keep them on the edge of their seats and to…